Ulagalla is truly a unique boutique hotel in Anuradhapura. Enjoy the ambience of ancient kingdoms or nature-based adventures whilst immersed in luxurious, ecologically-sustainable beauty. Ulagalla is also just a 30 mins drive away from Anuradhapura and an hour away from Sigiriya, the ancient rock kingdom also known as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It’s complex engineering and architectural feats and world-famous frescoes are just some of its defining features, and if you’d like to explore, you can head that way whilst sight-seeing in Anuradhapura as its even closer in proximity from the city.

Ulagalla Pool Villa

Each of the pool villas offer glass-walled panoramic views of the scenic, natural paradise filled with bird and animal life and are luxuriously equipped with air conditioning, high-end entertainment systems, and many more amenities. Each villa also has its own private deck and a secluded plunge pool.


850 sq ft

Deluxe Ulagalla Villa

Step through the welcoming foyer into the comfort of a spacious bedroom augmented by a dressing space and flanked by a blissful bathroom with a shower and bathtub. The ample living room has a second bathroom and a dining area and open up to the stunning 700 sq ft outdoor deck with day beds and large plunge pool. This idyllic getaway is perfect for couples while also being family friendly, so you can bring the kids along. Relax and take in the serene vistas of lush paddy fields, green forests and shimmering lakes at this stunning get away.
2,100 sq ft

Nikawewa 2-Bedroom Pool Villa

This elegantly yet comfortably furnished villa is ideal for a family. Featuring with two bedrooms, surrounding a living and dining area – the Nikewewa 2 Bedroom Pool Villa is a heaven amidst the rice paddies. The 180 degree glass walls allows for breathtaking views of the paddy fields. A large private pool sits between nature and the villa giving that extra bit of lavishness to an already perfect setting, making Ulagalla different from other hotels. 


1,800 sq ft

Liyawela Restaurant

Treat yourself to a remarkable dining experience at Liyawela Restaurant – one of the finest in Anuradhapura. Adorned with traditional furnishings, this cozy dining venue offers you the best of Sri Lankan cuisine along with Eastern and Western dishes as well as fusion fare. The restaurant’s upper deck affords captivating views of the lush green vegetation that surrounds, where you can sample a delectable meal letting the cool breeze soothe you.

Private Dining

Tucked away in the lush green vegetation of the tropical jungle, Ulagalla offers unique dining experiences to its guests who fancy private dining. A table set for two in the middle of a peaceful “kamatha”; threshing ground offers the perfect ambiance to savor the authentic flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine. If you are looking for a more intimate dining experience, enjoy a candle- lit dinner on the observation deck . Or choose to stay in your luxurious villa and dine under the stars of your private terrace. 

Spa and Main Pool

Screened from the world and its cares, this unique spa is built to resemble an underground cavern of perfect tranquility. Greenery surrounds you everywhere, lying quietly in this serene world, the wonders of spa therapy are yours to experience. We have a wide range of treatments and therapies for you to choose from in our spa menu, including signature spa treatment if you desire to treat yourself to something extra special. Our expert therapists are among some of the best in Sri Lanka have international experience and training. 


Ulagalla’s is conveniently located in the district of Anuradhapura which widely acknowledged as the first capital of Sri Lanka. Steeped in culture and history Anuradhapura is a treasure trove of untold wonders, as it contains one of the best-preserved examples of Sri Lanka’s ancient civilizations, which seamlessly blends into the unspoiled north western terrain. The iconic city houses the ancient ruins of temples and palaces dating back to the 10th century BC, which has earned it the honorable badge of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also home to some of the largest ancient stupas in the world, third in size only to the two largest pyramids at Giza in Egypt.


Discover the architectural wonder of the 5th century BC, the rock fortress of Sigirya, the impressive citadel built by the rebel king Kashyapa. The city boasts gardens, bathing pools, rock carvings, and palaces perched on a majestic mountaintop and the colorful frescos gracing the rock walls is the highlight of this historical site.

Minneriya National Park

Trek through the tropical splendors of the Minneriya National Park, which is famous for hosting its annual gathering of 300 elephants, the world’s largest recorded convocation of animals in the wild. In addition, try and see if you can spot some colorful local denizens such as the Sri Lankan Greater Hourglass Tree Frog, the Ruddy Turnstone and the Spotted Deer.

Wilapattu National Park

Translating to “Land of Lakes” (Willa-Pattu), Wilapattu National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest nature reserves brimming with fresh vigor and scenic beauty. The most unique feature of this park is that it is home to an extraordinary numbers of “Willus” or sand-rimmed basins that fill up with rainwater. The park boasts almost 60 natural lakes and tanks across its vast expanse. Wilapattu is also famed for being one of the top international locations that houses an impressive Leopard population.


Conveniently situated close to Sigiriya, Dambulla is a must-visit for the famed Dambulla Cave Temple where once Buddhist ascetics resided. Carved out of solid rock, the splendour of the temple lies mainly in the sheer expanse of Buddha statues and elaborate artwork that fill the cave from end-to-end. This is regarded as a Holy place so you need to ensure you maintain respect and decorum on your visit. As with many ancient heritage spots in the island, this too has history etched in every inch and is perched on a rock approximately 600 ft above the plain. There is much to be learnt about the rich history and culture of the island within these walls in every painting, and every sculpture. It is a labyrinth consisting of five caves interwoven with each other, each with its own persona and story to tell.
Dambulla is a city known to have been frequented by many of Sri Lanka’s Kings as they sought refuge and advice from the hermits that lived within the temple walls. Some have been recorded to have contributed towards the construction of its many statues as an act of gratitude and respect, noted down in detail in history books. These caves tell the tales of an era gone by, and is an extremely peaceful place to visit with the gentle swishes of the Bo trees accentuating tranquility and mindfulness which marks the perfect end to your day.

Authentic Cooking Classes

Learn to make Sri Lankan food with the methods and ingredients locals use.

Horseback riding

Explore the 60 acres of Ulagalla by horseback.

Bicycle Rides

The 60 acres and local areas can be visited by bicycle. A great way to be active on vacation.